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Muskaan Card aims at extending oral care for rural Indians because dentist/population ratio in the rural areas is dismally low. There are only 2% dentists available for 72% of rural population residing in rural India who lack oral health awareness, income, transportation and access to treatment. Therefore they are more prone to tooth decay or gum diseases. A large segment of the rural adult population is toothless due to the crippling nature of dental diseases and about 40 % of the children suffer from malaligned teeth and jaws affecting proper functioning. Muskaan Card is important as it introduces preventive, interceptive, curative and educational oral health care into the existing dental care system in rural India.
Oral Hygiene Technique
95% of adults in India suffer from gum disease.
50% of Indians don’t use a tooth brush.
70% of Children aged under 15 years have dental caries.
India has the highest incidence of oral cancer in the world.
57% of men and 10.9% of women are addicted to tobacco.
Only 2% of the population annually visits a dentist for check-up.
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